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Praise from Pet Parents

Two humans smiling at camera as one holds a tricolor corgi.

"I was extremely nervous about choosing a trainer. Franklin is my first dog, and I was a recent transplant to Texas, so I didn't have a way of vetting people prior to enrolling in a class. My partner and I got Karuna as a trainer by chance, and it was the best happenstance thing that could have been. I highly recommend Karuna as a dog trainer. They have a tremendous depth of knowledge of dog behavior and the owner-dog relationship and have been able to tailor Franklin's training to his unique personality and behaviors. Franklin absolutely loves Karuna and their classes and I wouldn't dream of entrusting anyone else with his care now. If you want a fun, engaging, responsible trainer/boarder, I would highly recommend booking."

Emma A.

Two big, black dogs, with tounges out, looking at camera.

"Karuna was amazing. They were great with my dogs. My dogs are leary of new people, but they were able to make them comfortable in a short time. My one dog can be hard to manage (80 lbs and pulls), but they handled her and minimized the pulling. Karuna is great. My dog other was untrusting and protective when they came in, and they were patient and were able to calm him down to walk. I can't recommend them enough."

Neil N.

German Shepard puppy with large ears looking at camera, gradution cap & certificate by his feet.

"I took my German Shepherd puppy to Karuna for puppy classes for six weeks and really enjoyed their style. They explained animal behavior in a way that made sense and they are all about positive reinforcement, which I loved. They are down to earth and made training fun for us!"

Katherine R.

Smiling human and large, black dog out on a hiking trail.

"Karuna is an amazing dog trainer. They taught me how to communicate with Pluto and have helped us to transform our lives together. Pluto is my first “big” dog, and knowing we have good communication is so comforting and necessary. I was raised in the country where everyone trains with physical force, and Karuna taught me the gentle way to guide my dog into good behavior."

Aubrey H.

Two dogs lying down, staring up at hand holding two Kong toys filled with peanut butter.

"Karuna has been my favorite sitter to date! Super knowledgeable, friendly, dependable, and great communication. When we came home it was cleaner than when we left!! We can’t say enough nice things! Thanks, Karuna!"

Brie W.

Pet parent smiling, sitting next to smallish, brown dog. Dog is wearing a gradution cap, certificate at his feet.

"I have witnessed Karuna interacting with multiple dogs, and they have an obvious affinity for each other. My pup responds to them without question, and they have taught me so much about how to connect and communicate with him. He is still a teen, so has his moments, but I am very grateful for the knowledge and coaching I got from Karuna that has allowed me to teach Distro to be a well-mannered, obedient, and pleasurable companion. It's a joy to watch him grow into the skills and behaviors they have taught us. I am forever grateful. And thankful that I can also have a safe and fun companion for him when I have to go out of town! Sooooo much better than the big box doggie day care. A loving home, personal attention, reinforcement of skills… What more could we ask for?!"

Noelani F.

Pet parent and two cats, one orange tabby & one white, snuggling together.

"Karuna helps our dog, Alfie, with his training. He absolutely loves them. We also have two cats and they are normally very shy with people. But during our training sessions, we noticed that they seemed to come out and hangout. So when we went out of town for 5 days we asked Karuna to come and feed them and change the litterbox. Not only did Karuna do that, but they also gave the kittens some love. Our orange kitty, Cash, who usually doesn't like being snuggled even let them pet his belly. We got pictures every day with updates. We would totally use Karuna again. We are big fans in this household."

Katie K.

Small chiweenie dog, with wide eyes & ears perked, lying on blankets, sun shining in on her.

"Karuna has been an amazing trainer, winning over the heart of my suspicious chiweenie in record time. They took the time to pay attention to Smeagol's feelings and experiences in order to modify the session for Smeagol's comfort. Karuna held safe, consistent, and compassionate energy that quieted Smeagol's anxiety. Karuna's reward-based positive-reinforcement training style was so appreciated. I never had to worry about them scolding or punishing; love and respect kept Smeagol engaged and willing to learn. Even months later, Smeagol is excited to see Karuna and happily performs the commands that we learned."

Kat F.

Tuxedo cat standing with front paws on petsitter's leg, looking up curiously.

"Karuna was great with our boy, Theo. He was shy at first, but they got him to warm up to them. We felt safe leaving him with Karuna. We will definitely work with them again."

Mandy H.

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