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Services Offered

If you're a pet owner in Austin, you've come to the right place! I'm one of the few force-free trainers in the North Austin area offering dog training or agility classes. I provide local dog sitting services, as well as petsitting for all your animal friends, while you're away. If you need someone to feed your cat or take your dog for a walk while you're out of town, I'm an experienced dog sitter & kitty caretaker. I also provide regular dog walking services in Austin, TX. With so many pet care options available, you can have the confidence of knowing all your pet's needs will be met.

Smiling dog graduating from obedience school.  As a force free trainer who offers private dog training in Austin,  the success and accomplishments of the dog and owner is important to me.

Dog Training

I love teaching dogs new things! I'm proud to be offering positive dog training (force-free training) to Austin, TX residents. If your dog is brand new to training, I can help with basics like focus, sit, hand targeting, & leash walking. If you're looking for more advanced behaviors, we can work on heel, stay, come when called, and much more. We can also do fun tricks, as well as agility dog training, or maybe even teach your dog to read! There's nothing more exciting than seeing your dog's brain working and watching them learn.

Collage of cat sticking tongue out by food bowl, dog waiting by food bowl, & smiling bearded dragon.  My home visit pet care includes all animals, furry, feathery, and scaly!

Home Visits

I'm a lover of all animals, furry and scaly! Leaving our pets at home when we're away can be stressful, but I'm here to give you peace of mind with local pet sitting from an insured pet professional. I have experience caring for dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, and more. I also specialize in caring for anxious & reactive dogs. I can provide regular check-ins to make sure your pet is well taken care of and their needs are met, including lots of love and cuddles.

Barks & Rec dogsitter, wearing a branded shirt, and a medium sized brown & grey dog are standing in the water of an outdoor swimming hole. I love getting booked for my dog hike service where I can take dog out for adventures to dog friendly swimming in Austin.

Dog Day Adventures

Does your dog like to hike, swim, and play in the great outdoors? With so many places to explore around Austin, I love getting to take pups out on adventures to my favorite spots, including places to take dogs swimming (algae-free!). This can also be an opportunity for mental enrichment by practicing fun, outdoor nosework games. If life is a little busy, or you want your dog to have a fun experience when you're out of town, this is the perfect field trip for those outdoor adventure pups who need that time in nature. My dog hike service is unique, and it's one of my favorite things to do with your beloved pups!

Two large dogs on-leash on a sunny, green lawn. As a bonded and insured dog walker, I love helping your dog get enrichment and physical exercise with my dog walking service Austin, TX.

Dog Walking

This is not your average dog walking service! As a professional, force-free trainer & insured dog walker, I take special care to reinforce positive behaviors while out on walks. I also understand the importance of mental enrichment for dogs, as well as physical exercise. Many people don't realize how much brain stimulation dogs get while out on a walk. So many smells to discover and sights to see! Let me take your dog out exploring, and help give them that mental and physical exercise they need. I offer dog walking for anxious & reactive dogs as well. We can set up regular walks, or as needed, based on your schedule.

Free consultations available for first time clients on all services.

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